• Dialectical Behavior Therapy

    Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a cutting-edge treatment approach designed to treat pervasive problems with emotion regulation. Dr. Kason has unique experience adapting this approach to meet the developmental needs of children and teens. First and foremost, DBT emphasizes a balance between validation and change that allows for children and teens to feel safe while meeting their goals. DBT also helps patients develop the coping skills they need to solve their own problems and achieve their desired goals.

    In our DBT child, adolescent, and family program, parents learn important skills alongside their child to help parents communicate more effectively, to learn how to coach their child in using skills when problems arise, and to develop their own coping skills.

     Our group leaders are trained in LGBTQIA affirming as well as neurodiverse care Please email our director for up to date information on our group offerings. 

    Five skills training modules are taught in DBT:

    Core mindfulness skills: Focus our mind, increase our sense of participation in activities, and make wise decisions

    Distress tolerance skills: Tolerate stressful experiences and get through difficult moments without acting impulsively

    Emotion regulation skills: Learn how to improve our mood and change unwanted emotions

    Interpersonal effectiveness skills: Improve our relationships with others and solve interpersonal problems

    Middle Path – Skills for Families: Help parents and children understand each other’s point of view and problem solve family conflict together



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