• Diagnostic Assessment

    Diagnostic Assessment

    Diagnostic Assessment

    SageMind Psychology offers a variety of diagnostic assessment services for children and adults. Psychological and therapeutic assessments provide information about one’s emotional, intellectual, behavioral, and/or academic/occupational strengths and challenges. With this information, SageMind Psychology can help individual(s) better understand their functioning and generate recommendations to improve and/or compensate challenges. Our assessments offer insight as to the severity of a particular issue or concern and of the capacity for optimal functioning. Assessments can help determine appropriate diagnoses and can guide both  medication management and therapeutic recommendations.

    Psychological assessments can be used for several purposes including learning more about yourself, seeking a diagnosis, clarifying treatment goals, or for career planning. Here are some common types of assessments we do:

    • Child Behavioral Disorder Assessment
    • Personality Assessment (Teens & Adults)
    • Child ADHD and Adult ADHD Assessment
    • Adult Autism Assessment
    • Mental Health Diagnostic Assessment (Children, Teens, Adults)

    Please note

    *We do not currently offer in person assessments, all assessments are conducted virtually.

    **We do not currently offer psychoeducational assessments for testing or school accommodations. We do not currently offer assessments for learning disorders. We do, however, offer diagnostic assessments of a mental health problem that may lead to a 504.


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