• Parent Coaching

    Whether you have a child who is holding their emotions in, or letting them out in unwanted ways we will have a plan for you. Parent coaching is one of the leading treatments for children with behavioral difficulties, attentional difficulties, sibling conflict, separation struggles, anxiety, and depression. As such, it is often a key component to any child’s treatment plan.

    At SageMind Psychology, we love working with parents!

    1. Provides a space for you and your partner to identify your shared core values and beliefs about parenting
    2. Allows for you to collaborate together to make purposeful and planned parenting decisions that will set your child up for success
    3. Creates an environment where you can act as a stable, consistent, and reliable support system for your child
    4. Gives you time for self care and exploration of your own needs and boundaries
    5. Empowers you to become a coping skills role model for your child
    6. Allows you to tailor your parenting methods to the unique needs of your child
    7. Gives you evidence-based tools so that you can see results

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