• School Refusal Program

    School Refusal Program


    Children may be struggling to attend school for a number of reasons. School refusal behavior has severe short- and long-term consequences for a child's mental, social, and academic health. The longer a child refuses to go to school, the harder it is to treat school refusal behavior. At SageMind Psychology we offer a cutting edge treatment protocol for school refusal called “Dialectical Behavior Therapy – School Refusal” (DBT-SR). DBT-SR uses multiple modalities to directly address the emotional and behavioral difficulties that drives and maintains school refusal behavior.  This program is for children of any age who is unable to attend school due to school refusal behavior.

    The program is personalized based on your child’s clinical needs. Components of the program will include:

    • A thorough assessment to make sure we a targeting the specific function of your child's behavior
    • Individual DBT Therapy for the Child
    • Weekly Parent Meetings
    • DBT Skills Group Training
    • Phone Based Coaching in the Morning
    • Weekly collaboration with School Personnel

    Typically, when a child is attending school for at least 3/5 days a week, they are able to graduate to our adherent DBT program so that they are able to receive continuity of care with their providers, and a reduce frequency that matches their current functioning.

    If interested in our program, the best way to get started is to email our director at info@sagemindpsychology.com