• Kristin Huffaker- Lead Therapist, Child & Adolescent Intensive Programs

    Kristin Huffaker (she/her) is a Licensed Master Social Worker and the lead therapist who oversees our Child and Adolescent intensive programs. These include our Intensive Outpatient DBT program as well as our Summer intensive programs. Kristin earned her degree in Clinical Practice with Children and Families from Monmouth University. She specializes in serving children, adolescents, teenagers, young adults, and their families.

    Kristin is experienced working with clients who present a variety of social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties such as anxiety, depression, attention deficits, emotional dysregulation, interpersonal relationships, and family conflicts. In her practice, Kristin employs a combination of methodologies, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) under a strength-based, person-centered, trauma-informed lens to help her clients find effective treatment.

    Kristin provides a safe, non-judgmental and affirmative space for all clients to feel supported in achieving their goals. As a therapist, her goal is to collaboratively explore a balance between acceptance and change to navigate life’s challenges. She feels that being authentic, empathic, and compassionate sets a foundation for clients to feel comfortable connecting and sharing their story. Kristin encourages her clients to show up for themselves each day and is always by their side cheering them on.

    • Specialties: Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Attention Deficits
    • Contact: khuffaker@sagemindpsychology.com (914) 747-6157
    • Identities I am particularly experienced with: Children and Teens, LGBTQIA+, Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities
    • Availability: Kristin is currently open for referrals, same day virtualappointments are available to residents of NY, NJ, and VT