• Teen Therapy

    Is your teen no longer feeling or acting like themself?

    Maybe your teen is not used to having the level of stress they are experiencing. They can be struggling to cope with a number of additional stressors or life changes.

    They may be having difficulty engaging in social situations, avoiding social events, or have trouble connecting with peers.Their grades may be dropping, they may have trouble concentrating in school, or they may be refusing to go to school all together.

    Maybe they are confused about their sexual or gender identity or expression, and would benefit from a place to navigate these thoughts and feelings.

    They may seem to lose interest in things they previously enjoyed, or have trouble finding things that bring them joy.

    And what feels worse is that they might not be willing or able to talk to you about it.

    You want to help, but you are not sure what to do, or if you are the right person to do it.

    You’re not alone in this feeling, and neither is your teen. Sometimes, even the best parents have trouble navigating their teen’s emotional and behavioral struggles.

    Figuring out how to help your teen alone is tough

    Having an evidence based therapist can help guide you and your teen so they can get back to feeling like their authentic self.

    Our teen services can help.

    Our teen therapy program helps teens improve their lives in a way that truly works.

    Sometimes helping your teen navigate their emotional and behavioral challenges can feel like a game of wack a mole. Once you solve one problem another pops up.

    With our teen therapy program we are able to truly get an understanding of the mechanics behind the game so that each time we hammer the mole (that is their challenges) that mole is less and less likely to pop pack up.

    We dive deep into understanding the individual patterns they are experiencing, the environmental challenges contributing to the problem, and any skills deficits that can help teens cope with life’s challenges.

    This threefold approach allows for lifelong changes.

    Our goal is very simple, to get your teen back on track and feeling better quickly, effectively, and with long term benefits.

    Through therapy, your teen will learn the tools they need to get back on the right path.

    The end result?

    • Your teen can get feeling better quickly
    • You and your teen get a complete road map to make it happen
    • You and your teen gain a toolbox full of tools that you can apply to life challenges even after your teen graduates from treatment

    I know that sometimes parenting a teen can feel exhausting but we can help you see changes that will give you the energy you need to support your teen.

    We can help you and your teen build the toolbox they need to conquer both their current challenges and challenges life throws their way in the future.

    So if you’re tired of trying to figure things out on your own, if you’re ready to have the roadmap to helping your teen feel  better, then we’re here to help.

    Reach out below and let’s get started.